Monday, 27 April 2015

The ongoing tunic.

Finished up the second draft of the tunic for Prudence, and I'm happy with the result.  I ended up making the lining long enough to show under the outer, sort of a double-layered effect.

I love essential Prudence 4.  She's the pretties of all the other Prudence dolls and the Leekeworld wig I have on her is just perfect.

Pretty Pru

But I digress. Here's the finished tunic.  You may notice it's a bit blousy and doesn't hang as well as it should do say on a human body.  This is pre-styling.  I though I'd take the extra picture to show the difference.

Before styling

I wet the tunic under a warm tap, which has the added bonus of getting rid of all the vanishing ink I use, and gently wrung out the tunic.  I wring and twist the body, and do the same with each sleeve separately.

One needs to be gentle, but if a garment is well sewn and colourfast, no harm should come to it.  Unless you've used glue to attach embellishments of course. I always style before I do any gluing.  Although I prefer to sew on embellishments wherever possible.

Seriously, if you're hand dying some fabric, go for it, it's so enjoyable, but rinse that thing. Rinse like the wind, and make sure no more colour is coming out before you dry it.

Blot the garment in a soft clean towel, nice and firmly, so it doesn't drip once on the doll.  Here's my tunic, back on the dolly.

Styled tunic (still wet)

It's possible to tug down on the sleeves a bit, giving the illusion of weight of the fabric, and I tweaked and pulled the hems quite a lot to get the tunic into a nice shape.

The tunic fabrics look darker in these shots as they're damp, but will dry into exactly the shape they're been coaxed into. All these fabrics are ones I've hand dyed, but I've made very sure the colours are fixed and fast.  I also dye my fabrics in light or pale colours.  Dark colours are more likely to stain a doll. If I'm using deep or bright shades, I always line the arments with white or cream, or undyed voile to protect the doll.

Pointy hems
 I love point-hemmed tunics. I wear them myself. Can't help wishing I had Pru's figure though, but hey-ho.

And another gratuitous shot of my pretty girl.

I still have ideas for more bohemian clothing, but am waiting for more hand-dyed fabric to dry.  It's cold here today too.  I'm actually wearing my UGG boots, indoors.



  1. I think it's just the sort of quirky fashion that Pru would wear - she looks great - well done you on another lovely outfit.

    1. Thanks Trish. I could always see Pru in this sort of Lagenlook style. :)

  2. Really cute and I love the colors! Also love the wig. Is it a size 7/8?

    1. Hello there, and thank you so much. :) The wig was described as a 7-8 inch wig when I bought it, bit it's really big. Not quite a 8-9 inch, but Pru needs a wig cap underneath it and her head is the largest of all the Wilde girls.

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