Saturday, 25 April 2015

Toile for a tunic.

The tunic idea went well.  Here's the toile - still damp, because I put it on the doll wet to style it.  With human sized clothing, the weight of the fabric is enough to make it hang well on the body.  With dolls of course, the scale is wrong for any weight of fabric, so getting something to hang right can be a pain.

I simply wet the clothing I've just made and put it on the doll. then I can tweak it and pull it downwards a bit to get the illusion of weight.  These sleeves for example, they just stick out and look a bit naff if not damped down and styled a bit.

In my tutorials section, there's a post on how to do it with skirts, but I will issue the usual warning - never leave damp clothes on a body-blushed doll. I guarantee you will ruin the paint job and the sealant.

This looks less complicated to make than some of my dolly things.  It's a bit involved because it's lined, but overall it didn't take me long, even hand sewing.

With this pattern, I'll make the lining longer than the outer, so it pokes out underneath giving a layered look. 

I may alter the neckline a bit, it might be too wide and too deep - I'd welcome opinions on that.   But after a few basic tweaks the pattern will be good to go... and I still have two more ideas I want to try.   Well. Actually, I have dozens but one thing at a time, eh?



  1. Looks fab - I think the neckline is fine - I think you need a deeper neckline to be able to see what's underneath and get the layered effect and you might lose that if you make it less wide and deep.

    1. My sewing desk is sort of at the foot of my bed, so when I'm sitting with my morning coffee in bed, I can look at my dollies attire from the day before and appraise it. I woke up thinking the neckline was kinda nice as it is, and you just confirmed my thoughts, lol.


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