Friday, 29 May 2015

I do so like hats.

I spent much of yesterday scouring around the Internet for some idea on making a bonnet for Patience.   If I'd just looked in my patterns folder, I'd have realised I already have something that would be easy to adapt into said bonnet.

I'm so pleased with what I came up with. :)  It's not always that something goes right first time, but when it happens, it boosts my confidence no end.

Here's the bonnet from the side. Very Holly Hobbie, I think.

And from the front.

It's very cute and Olde Worlde. 

You see - I have all these little outfits from where I had to sew items, photograph each step and write up the sewing patterns; and whilst it's nice to have lots of outfits for my dollies, my space is somewhat limited, and to be honest, a lot of these lovely dresses and things sit in a box for months on end.

So, having been asked occasionally if I plan to sell any of  the outfits I make, I thought I'd add some enhancements to each pattern outfit, and put them in my Etsy shop when I open.

If they don't sell, at least I have some fabulous little dolly outfits.


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