Tuesday, 12 May 2015

FREE01 - free sewing pattern for Ellowyne and pals.

Another quick post. I've been quiet because I've been sewing and also trying to organise things related to y hope that I can soon become self-employed.  I don't want to air my personal business online, but I've had to make sure everything is legal and above board, I need some stuff from the Tax Office, and there's a few other things.

I'm kind of excited and kind of terrified.

Any old how, Here's something I've been working on.   I've finally managed to make the little shabby pinafore to go over the outfit I've posted about recently.   It's very cute, but I may make it a wee bit longer.  I didn't measure properly when I was drafting the patter. Derp.

Pru looks sweet in it though. :)

This pinafore is available for free. Links below:

Free sewing pattern for Ellowyne & slim MSD:
How to print your pattern:
A4 instructions:
U.S. Letter instructions:
A4 pattern pieces:

I have a handful of new patterns all ready to go.  It's driving me nuts not being able to open up shop, and I've had a few people really eager to buy patterns.

Please continue to be patient. Everyone who has bought my patterns and who wants more has been amazing, and awesome, and really lovely. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Not long now. I hope.



  1. Gooody goody!! Love this one, Tess.

  2. It has even more layers than I realized; the shirt under the shirt under the pinafore, cool!

  3. Good to hear you'll soon be back... yes always best to be legal and above board especially where the tax office is concerned (not my favourite people at the moment...but that's another story!) Well better to be terrified and excited rather than just terrified I'm sure you'll make a success of it -as my old mum would have said nothing ventured nothing gained! Love the little pinny for Pru... very cute.. I like the length but think it would work longer as well!


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