Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sindy hat.

I had a dental appointment today, which kinda screwed up the whole day due to the agoraphobia and the need to get my head together so I can leave the house.   Its all okay though.  I'm also between projects now and at a bit of a loss as to what to do next.

I need a short break from the sewing pattens, so I looked in my big box of dolly clothes and realised I have quite a lot of outfits that I've made in the course of writing the sewing patterns.   Soooo, I think I may try to add hats and decorations to each one, and offer them in my Etsy store.

First up is a hat for Pedigree Sindy.   Going well so far and I'm going to try and cut my own bias binding foe the edging around the brim.

After that, a hatband and maybe some flowers.  We'll see.

I heave several outfits for Sindy, some for Blythe and some for Patience. A couple for Ellowyne too.   It's sad that they're sitting in a box when someone might want to buy them.

I keep meaning to do this thing, then I get disheartened for some reason, and end up starting a new sewing pattern. Maybe I just need to be stricter with myself.


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