Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ellowyne Wilde sewing patterns SSP-019 "Pick 'n' Mix". Tights & more.

Now I've finished tweaking the fit, this pattern is available at my outlets.

My Etsy shop:

My Craftsy store:

Here on my blog:

I've tried assorted patterns for tights.  Free ones and purchased ones, but none of them have been too great a fit.  So I've drafted a pattern with pieces for both very stretchy jersey, and not-so-stretchy jersey.

I'm loving them.  I'll be able to use them to compliment my dolly outfits. :)

Stretch jerseys vary hugely. For that reason I've also included some info on different types, and I made up several pairs of everything in different  fabrics to test the pattern.   this is very similar to the Patience "Pick 'N' Mix" Pattern, SSP-008. Except it's obviously for Ellowyne and her pals.

This will probably fit dolls like Cami and Tyler too, or it may need the most minimal of tweaks.

The pattern pieces are for stockings and tights, but I've included styling options for socks and shorts too.

These are fun patterns to make, but oh man, one needs to make lots of items to test it out properly.



Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Penn boy arrives. Say hello to Nathan.

I paid the ransom yesterday, and Penn was delivered this morning. :)

Okay, so I've already undressed and re-dressed him, I quite like  a tee-shirt under a suit, although I concede that a different colour might look better.  He's quite a handsome sculpt, I think.  It's not entirely dissimilar to Phineas, but different enough.

Loving that slight smile.

The first thing that struck me is how minimal the face-up is compared to my Phin boys when they arrived.  No shading around the eyes at all.

I'm sorry - but I'm going to have to enhance him.

But overall I like him.  

Penn will be re-wigged, and I'll enhance his face-up, carefully, because I'm not the most skilled person in the universe with a paintbrush, not even close second.  He's already got half a new outfit made.  I'm working on a coat, and I've finished the waistcoat and leotard. Then pants. He will need pants.

I already have a name picked out for him too. Nathan.  Of which I'm quite fond.

Had to include this snap. it wasn't set up, Ben just happens to be my fit model at the moment.  His expression says it all really....

Righty. Off to sew now.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ellowyne sewing patterns SSP-011 Tulip couture dress.

I've finalised the Tulip dress pattern, and it's now available for sale.

In my Etsy store:

Or directly on this blog, via Sellfy: (See the 'Ellowyne patterns' tab at the top of the blog)

Also - in my Craftsy store.

ellowyne wilde sewing pattern

I've worked long and hard on this little number, to get it perfect.  The pattern comprises a dress and an underskirt.  The underskirt has a lined waistband option, and an option for a normal turned waistband.

The skirts can be flipped up to resemble a rose,  but you may need to catch it into place with invisible stitches:

This looks so lovely on Ell.  I'm very happy with it. :)


Monday, 15 June 2015

My first Evangeline Ghastly.

I've been wanting one of these girls for so long, but every time I looked for one, I couldn't find the perfect face.   Then I finally found a UK seller who had "Dreamstate", NRFB, at a good price.... so now she's mine!

I love her face. The eyebrows, and the lipstick that is almost but not quite natural.  I do quite fancy one with more make-up and redder lipstick, I like "Midnight Lace and roses", but not as much as I like "Unspoken Words."   Ah well, we shall see around Christmas time.

Evangeline really does have rather a lovely face.

Of course I will be making patterns for her. That was my justification in buying her.   Heh.

The outfit she comes in is very well made.  Frankly, I've seen some shoddy work from Wilde Imagination, but lately, anything I buy seems much better quality.  I'm hoping for more of the same when Penn arrives.

I've left the polythene on, as it seems to be protecting her from staining.   That corset style dress is beautifully fitted.  

The only thing that bugs me a bit about this doll, is that her head is a bit loose. I like to make my dolls look down slightly when I'm taking photos.  If I don't do that, the camera gives the impression that they're staring wildly up at the ceiling. I've heard it called startled horse syndrome in BJD circles, and it tends to make the pictures look a bit unprofessional.  But her head won't stay looking down. Possibly due to the weight of her hair.

I wonder if it would be sacrilege to scalp her and buy a wig?


Aside from the new dolly excitement,  work on the leotard for Ben continues.   I've made a tee-shirt style version, and now I've finished the lace-up front version, with long sleeves.

He still hates looking so uncool, but I keep telling him what a babe magnet he'll be when the whole ensemble is finished. 

Off to figure out the waistcoat now.


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Handsome Ben

Poor Ben has been sat on my shelf with a terrible wig and Lucas's old cast-offs for ages now.  So recently I gave him a proper haircut, and now he's finally getting some new threads.

He likes the "Attitude & Anarchy" fabric, my own print from Spoonflower.  But he's less than impressed with the leotard.  I can hear him now "Dude..  I do not look cool in this."

But once I've made him some jeans, he'll be a lot happier.

He's so handsome, I sort of go pink every time I look at him.

This will be a new pattern, and along with it, will be the nice waistcoat that Jeremiah and Phin both own.    I'm aiming to produce a pattern for a coat too, and hopefully a denim jacket.

But for now, my coffee mug appears to be empty....


Friday, 12 June 2015

"First Love" 12" doll from Joey Versaw

There was some excitement about these dolls on Facebook a couple of months ago, and me being me.... I'm a sucker for the boys ....  I ended up placing an order for one. Mine arrived this very day, and I was hopping up and down with excitement... on opening the box, I was in no way disappointed.

They're First Love gay boy dolls, from the artist Joey Versaw.

There are a few different sculpts, all as cute as can be, and this particular chappie is the Justin doll. Although... I've sort of been calling him Caelan in my head, and it's sticking.  I hope Joey doesn't mind.

These little guys are 3D printed, and they come body blushed, with a wig and face-up of choice.   (they're also anatomically correct) A fabulous art doll - I'm so impressed with the quality.   The body is a lovely texture, that makes a change from all that sleek shiny vinyl and resin I'm so used to.   Because doll 'skin' is generally smooth, clothing doesn't always stay in place like it does on a human.

This doll is quite a welcome change.   I was careful dressing him, because he's so precious, I couldn't bear to mark him in any way.. or break him. Eeek. Horrors.   The texture of the skin is almost like a soft cloth, and the teeshirt stays where it's put.  I'm liking that.  this texture also means that whilst posing him, his various parts stay exactly where I want them.

The First Love boys are strung dolls, and I love that about them too.

Caelan arrived with a cute pair of houndstooth boxers, which I had to remove to get some jeans on him, but nobody else is being allowed to steal them.

I first tried a pair of factory jeans, that one of my ken dolls came in.  They fit pretty well...

... But not as well as the Raccoon's Rags jeans for Ken & Patience. (TUTE#002, I know, I'm shameless.) They accommodate his lunchbox a bit better.

This pic is a bit blurred, alas. But I like it so it stays:

Talk to the hand....  He looks cute and kinda shy, but there's attitude to spare.  Even the fingers and toes on this doll are so beautifully designed and executed.

Talk to the hand....

So that's it for today.  I desperately wanted to put the pink/lilac denim jacket on him, but his hands are a bit bigger than Ken's, so I'll have to modify the pattern and make him a new one.   I've loads on the list for patterns, but this guy will be getting couple of patterns, which he may have to share with Ken.


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thunderbirds are go... (Long post is long)

Pay attention, or Phin will shoot you with his big gun...

Thank god for that!  I'm always miserable when I can't sell my goodies, but now  all the i's have been dotted, all the t's crossed - so we're back.

Anyway - my outlets are:

My Etsy shop:   All my sewing patterns, and here is where I sell the actual doll's outfits. I've tidied everything up.  All Straightforward Sewing Patterns have pink & green banners. All full tutes have blue banners; and all outfits for sale have their own floral banner. The sections are tidier too.

Right here on my blog:  All the patterns are available here via Sellfy.Please don't be afraid of Sellfy. They are very good, and I'm happy to use them.    You can see the tabs for different sales pages at the top of this blog.

My new store in Craftsy. They have recently added a whole section devoted to PDF patterns.  The nice thing about Craftsy, for the customer, is that they allow free patterns to be offered. And there are lots of these available.

I need to say a few words about pricing and international exchange rates. (No, don't glaze over, bear with me.)

Etsy and Sellfy allow me to publish my prices in British pounds - which means that for Overseas customers, the prices may vary from day to day due to the ever-fluctuating exchange rate.  British customers are not affected.

But! With Craftsy, I have no choice but to list my sales in US dollars. Which is not a problem, but again, due to the daily fluctuation of the exchange rates, anyone in a country that doesn't use American dollars will see that the prices may change a little from day to day.   British customers will notice this.

So my advice is this, please feel free to check out my sales in my Etsy store and here on the blog, to those listed in my Craftsy store.  Chances are, the patterns in the Craftsy store will be a few pence cheaper.

Next order of business... I just want to say a huge thank you to the dolly community.  My friends on Flickr and Facebook have been so kind, and unbelievably supportive.  So as my 'thank you' - I am offering this free pinafore pattern for Ellowyne Wilde. It also fits slim MSDs and similar sized dolls rather beautifully.

The pinny has two ruffle options. It's loose enough to fit over pretty much any dress, or outfit, and once you've made it there's an option to cinch it in a little bit, to go over slimmer fitting tops.

Available in my Craftsy store:

Outfits (Etsy only):

I've listed a goodly amount of OOAK doll's outfits. Most of these have been made whilst I was devising its respective pattern.  The outfits have been enhanced, added to, and are now available to buy in the "Handmade doll fashions" section.

New patterns:

I have three new patterns (more to follow) - and one mini-tutorial. Again, they're available in my Etsy shop, here on the blog, or in the new Craftsy store. (Links above.)

I've also published Straightforward Sewing Pattern (SSP range) versions of two of my most popular items from the full tutorial (TUTE range) There is still the option to buy the full tutorial versions of these two SSP patterns.  Please read all the blurb before deciding which version would suit you best.

The new Sewing patterns will replace the full tutorials.  The corresponding TUTES will only continue to be available until August 1st, 2015.

Very lastly, to celebrate the imminent arrival of my first Penn from Wilde,  I've condensed TUTE#011 and TUTE#012 into a Straightforward Sewing Pattern too. So it's not only that bit cheaper, it's also two in one.

That's it.  I now need to get on with something for Penn. 


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Lovin' mah boyz.

Who needs a boyfriend? I mean seriously, when you have this sort of eye candy adorning your dolly shelves.   They stand around looking gorgeous all day and you don't have to listen to them blathering on about football, or get their dinner, or wash their dirty socks.

I'm between projects at the moment, so I'm drifting about my workroom, utterly indecisive. I ended up styling two of my guys wigs.  Poor lads have been stood around looking silly in wild fur wigs for ages, and I finally got around to cutting them.

It's loads of fun cutting a fur wig, but you end up with very fine fluff in your mouth, all over your skin ... up your nose.   I had to stop halfway and hoover my room.  Then I damped the wigs slightly and it all went much better.

Here they are. looking much smarter.   Two very different dolls.  On the left is Ben (one of my customised Tonner Phin boys.)  On the right is Xander (My Iplehouse JID Ryan.)

The syrups still need a bit more work, but I like to keep trimming over time. It sort of stops me overdoing a cut until I've taken off way more than I intended.

While on the subject of male dolls, I had my shipping notification from Wilde yesterday night.  My "Business Day" Penn has been shipped. Yay. 

I feel the itch to create a couple of new sewing patterns for him.  :)


Friday, 5 June 2015

Six pairs of tights...

...All hand sewn.

I don't want to see another pair of tights for some time now.   I've yet to finalise the stockings and socks too, and maybe make a pair of shorts.  But we're getting there.

They look pretty, but not all are saleable, as I make mistakes in some of my attempts when creating pattern.  The best ones are the two in dark greys and the red pair.... but I'm loathe to put them on my dolls in case the colour gets transferred.

I mean, here I've used dark colours because I didn't want to use up my stash of lights whilst experimenting.... usually I would recommend using whites or pastels close to the doll's plastic, just in case.  Otherwise be very sure your dark or bright fabric is completely colourfast.

They looks very nice though.  Maybe I'll just launder them to death for a couple of weeks. 

Righty. Stockings next... although I'm kind of excited to get on with a couple of mini-tutorials.  Discipline, Tess.  Discipline....


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Free tutorial "How to Backstitch".

A nice lady in my sewing group over on Facebook asked how I sew by hand and did I have a demo video?   Unfortunately I can't do video, BUT, I do have this very short PDF that shows you how to start your thread, do a seam of backstitch, and finish off your thread.

It's very short and sweet, but very much to the point.

It can be downloaded from Craftsy by following this link.

That's all!  Hope it helps someone.

Tights for Ell.

Whew.  such a simple garment, simple pattern, but I said it when I was making tights for Patience and I'll say it again here.   It takes so many pairs of tights to be sure my pattern works with differing stretch jerseys.

Stretch fabrics, knits that is, like jersey vary incredibly.  I even have several from the same range that vary in their stretch.   Hence the need to make several pairs of tights in several different jerseys to ensure the pattern is a good one.

I've downloaded free tights patterns in the past and found them very hit and miss.  With this latest pattern for Ellowyne, I'd obviously like people to be able to buy with confidence.

So far, I've sewn three pairs of tights.  I have to do it by hand, because the so called stretch stitches on my machine really are not stretchy at all.  And some of my viscose jersey is so fine and slinky, that the machine just gobbles it up and I have to spend ages trying to dig all the bits of fabric out of the thread well.

Three down and three more to go.  I've yet to make the socks and stockings.

The Patience ones were no elastic with an option for elastic if people preferred to use it.  Due to Ell's curvier shape, these require elastic around the waist, but it's pretty easy to thread it through once the tights are made.

It's going well though, I just need to make more test garments that usual with these.

In other news, one week to go and I can open my Etsy store.  :)

I also have a new store being set up at Craftsy, who have recently opened up a whole new section purely for PDF download patterns.   There seem to be lots of free patterns available too, so it's looking like Craftsy will become really popular.

My Sellfy store will also be re-opened.   This will all be happening on the 11th June, 2015.  The free pattern will be available on that date too. 

I shall keep people posted.