Friday, 12 June 2015

"First Love" 12" doll from Joey Versaw

There was some excitement about these dolls on Facebook a couple of months ago, and me being me.... I'm a sucker for the boys ....  I ended up placing an order for one. Mine arrived this very day, and I was hopping up and down with excitement... on opening the box, I was in no way disappointed.

They're First Love gay boy dolls, from the artist Joey Versaw.

There are a few different sculpts, all as cute as can be, and this particular chappie is the Justin doll. Although... I've sort of been calling him Caelan in my head, and it's sticking.  I hope Joey doesn't mind.

These little guys are 3D printed, and they come body blushed, with a wig and face-up of choice.   (they're also anatomically correct) A fabulous art doll - I'm so impressed with the quality.   The body is a lovely texture, that makes a change from all that sleek shiny vinyl and resin I'm so used to.   Because doll 'skin' is generally smooth, clothing doesn't always stay in place like it does on a human.

This doll is quite a welcome change.   I was careful dressing him, because he's so precious, I couldn't bear to mark him in any way.. or break him. Eeek. Horrors.   The texture of the skin is almost like a soft cloth, and the teeshirt stays where it's put.  I'm liking that.  this texture also means that whilst posing him, his various parts stay exactly where I want them.

The First Love boys are strung dolls, and I love that about them too.

Caelan arrived with a cute pair of houndstooth boxers, which I had to remove to get some jeans on him, but nobody else is being allowed to steal them.

I first tried a pair of factory jeans, that one of my ken dolls came in.  They fit pretty well...

... But not as well as the Raccoon's Rags jeans for Ken & Patience. (TUTE#002, I know, I'm shameless.) They accommodate his lunchbox a bit better.

This pic is a bit blurred, alas. But I like it so it stays:

Talk to the hand....  He looks cute and kinda shy, but there's attitude to spare.  Even the fingers and toes on this doll are so beautifully designed and executed.

Talk to the hand....

So that's it for today.  I desperately wanted to put the pink/lilac denim jacket on him, but his hands are a bit bigger than Ken's, so I'll have to modify the pattern and make him a new one.   I've loads on the list for patterns, but this guy will be getting couple of patterns, which he may have to share with Ken.


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