Saturday, 13 June 2015

Handsome Ben

Poor Ben has been sat on my shelf with a terrible wig and Lucas's old cast-offs for ages now.  So recently I gave him a proper haircut, and now he's finally getting some new threads.

He likes the "Attitude & Anarchy" fabric, my own print from Spoonflower.  But he's less than impressed with the leotard.  I can hear him now "Dude..  I do not look cool in this."

But once I've made him some jeans, he'll be a lot happier.

He's so handsome, I sort of go pink every time I look at him.

This will be a new pattern, and along with it, will be the nice waistcoat that Jeremiah and Phin both own.    I'm aiming to produce a pattern for a coat too, and hopefully a denim jacket.

But for now, my coffee mug appears to be empty....


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