Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Lovin' mah boyz.

Who needs a boyfriend? I mean seriously, when you have this sort of eye candy adorning your dolly shelves.   They stand around looking gorgeous all day and you don't have to listen to them blathering on about football, or get their dinner, or wash their dirty socks.

I'm between projects at the moment, so I'm drifting about my workroom, utterly indecisive. I ended up styling two of my guys wigs.  Poor lads have been stood around looking silly in wild fur wigs for ages, and I finally got around to cutting them.

It's loads of fun cutting a fur wig, but you end up with very fine fluff in your mouth, all over your skin ... up your nose.   I had to stop halfway and hoover my room.  Then I damped the wigs slightly and it all went much better.

Here they are. looking much smarter.   Two very different dolls.  On the left is Ben (one of my customised Tonner Phin boys.)  On the right is Xander (My Iplehouse JID Ryan.)

The syrups still need a bit more work, but I like to keep trimming over time. It sort of stops me overdoing a cut until I've taken off way more than I intended.

While on the subject of male dolls, I had my shipping notification from Wilde yesterday night.  My "Business Day" Penn has been shipped. Yay. 

I feel the itch to create a couple of new sewing patterns for him.  :)


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