Monday, 15 June 2015

My first Evangeline Ghastly.

I've been wanting one of these girls for so long, but every time I looked for one, I couldn't find the perfect face.   Then I finally found a UK seller who had "Dreamstate", NRFB, at a good price.... so now she's mine!

I love her face. The eyebrows, and the lipstick that is almost but not quite natural.  I do quite fancy one with more make-up and redder lipstick, I like "Midnight Lace and roses", but not as much as I like "Unspoken Words."   Ah well, we shall see around Christmas time.

Evangeline really does have rather a lovely face.

Of course I will be making patterns for her. That was my justification in buying her.   Heh.

The outfit she comes in is very well made.  Frankly, I've seen some shoddy work from Wilde Imagination, but lately, anything I buy seems much better quality.  I'm hoping for more of the same when Penn arrives.

I've left the polythene on, as it seems to be protecting her from staining.   That corset style dress is beautifully fitted.  

The only thing that bugs me a bit about this doll, is that her head is a bit loose. I like to make my dolls look down slightly when I'm taking photos.  If I don't do that, the camera gives the impression that they're staring wildly up at the ceiling. I've heard it called startled horse syndrome in BJD circles, and it tends to make the pictures look a bit unprofessional.  But her head won't stay looking down. Possibly due to the weight of her hair.

I wonder if it would be sacrilege to scalp her and buy a wig?


Aside from the new dolly excitement,  work on the leotard for Ben continues.   I've made a tee-shirt style version, and now I've finished the lace-up front version, with long sleeves.

He still hates looking so uncool, but I keep telling him what a babe magnet he'll be when the whole ensemble is finished. 

Off to figure out the waistcoat now.


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