Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My Penn boy arrives. Say hello to Nathan.

I paid the ransom yesterday, and Penn was delivered this morning. :)

Okay, so I've already undressed and re-dressed him, I quite like  a tee-shirt under a suit, although I concede that a different colour might look better.  He's quite a handsome sculpt, I think.  It's not entirely dissimilar to Phineas, but different enough.

Loving that slight smile.

The first thing that struck me is how minimal the face-up is compared to my Phin boys when they arrived.  No shading around the eyes at all.

I'm sorry - but I'm going to have to enhance him.

But overall I like him.  

Penn will be re-wigged, and I'll enhance his face-up, carefully, because I'm not the most skilled person in the universe with a paintbrush, not even close second.  He's already got half a new outfit made.  I'm working on a coat, and I've finished the waistcoat and leotard. Then pants. He will need pants.

I already have a name picked out for him too. Nathan.  Of which I'm quite fond.

Had to include this snap. it wasn't set up, Ben just happens to be my fit model at the moment.  His expression says it all really....

Righty. Off to sew now.


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