Friday, 5 June 2015

Six pairs of tights...

...All hand sewn.

I don't want to see another pair of tights for some time now.   I've yet to finalise the stockings and socks too, and maybe make a pair of shorts.  But we're getting there.

They look pretty, but not all are saleable, as I make mistakes in some of my attempts when creating pattern.  The best ones are the two in dark greys and the red pair.... but I'm loathe to put them on my dolls in case the colour gets transferred.

I mean, here I've used dark colours because I didn't want to use up my stash of lights whilst experimenting.... usually I would recommend using whites or pastels close to the doll's plastic, just in case.  Otherwise be very sure your dark or bright fabric is completely colourfast.

They looks very nice though.  Maybe I'll just launder them to death for a couple of weeks. 

Righty. Stockings next... although I'm kind of excited to get on with a couple of mini-tutorials.  Discipline, Tess.  Discipline....


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