Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ellowyne sewing patterns SSP-011 Tulip couture dress.

I've finalised the Tulip dress pattern, and it's now available for sale.

In my Etsy store:

Or directly on this blog, via Sellfy: (See the 'Ellowyne patterns' tab at the top of the blog)

Also - in my Craftsy store.

ellowyne wilde sewing pattern

I've worked long and hard on this little number, to get it perfect.  The pattern comprises a dress and an underskirt.  The underskirt has a lined waistband option, and an option for a normal turned waistband.

The skirts can be flipped up to resemble a rose,  but you may need to catch it into place with invisible stitches:

This looks so lovely on Ell.  I'm very happy with it. :)


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