Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ellowyne Wilde sewing patterns SSP-019 "Pick 'n' Mix". Tights & more.

Now I've finished tweaking the fit, this pattern is available at my outlets.

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I've tried assorted patterns for tights.  Free ones and purchased ones, but none of them have been too great a fit.  So I've drafted a pattern with pieces for both very stretchy jersey, and not-so-stretchy jersey.

I'm loving them.  I'll be able to use them to compliment my dolly outfits. :)

Stretch jerseys vary hugely. For that reason I've also included some info on different types, and I made up several pairs of everything in different  fabrics to test the pattern.   this is very similar to the Patience "Pick 'N' Mix" Pattern, SSP-008. Except it's obviously for Ellowyne and her pals.

This will probably fit dolls like Cami and Tyler too, or it may need the most minimal of tweaks.

The pattern pieces are for stockings and tights, but I've included styling options for socks and shorts too.

These are fun patterns to make, but oh man, one needs to make lots of items to test it out properly.



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