Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thunderbirds are go... (Long post is long)

Pay attention, or Phin will shoot you with his big gun...

Thank god for that!  I'm always miserable when I can't sell my goodies, but now  all the i's have been dotted, all the t's crossed - so we're back.

Anyway - my outlets are:

My Etsy shop:   All my sewing patterns, and here is where I sell the actual doll's outfits. I've tidied everything up.  All Straightforward Sewing Patterns have pink & green banners. All full tutes have blue banners; and all outfits for sale have their own floral banner. The sections are tidier too.

Right here on my blog:  All the patterns are available here via Sellfy.Please don't be afraid of Sellfy. They are very good, and I'm happy to use them.    You can see the tabs for different sales pages at the top of this blog.

My new store in Craftsy. They have recently added a whole section devoted to PDF patterns.  The nice thing about Craftsy, for the customer, is that they allow free patterns to be offered. And there are lots of these available.

I need to say a few words about pricing and international exchange rates. (No, don't glaze over, bear with me.)

Etsy and Sellfy allow me to publish my prices in British pounds - which means that for Overseas customers, the prices may vary from day to day due to the ever-fluctuating exchange rate.  British customers are not affected.

But! With Craftsy, I have no choice but to list my sales in US dollars. Which is not a problem, but again, due to the daily fluctuation of the exchange rates, anyone in a country that doesn't use American dollars will see that the prices may change a little from day to day.   British customers will notice this.

So my advice is this, please feel free to check out my sales in my Etsy store and here on the blog, to those listed in my Craftsy store.  Chances are, the patterns in the Craftsy store will be a few pence cheaper.

Next order of business... I just want to say a huge thank you to the dolly community.  My friends on Flickr and Facebook have been so kind, and unbelievably supportive.  So as my 'thank you' - I am offering this free pinafore pattern for Ellowyne Wilde. It also fits slim MSDs and similar sized dolls rather beautifully.

The pinny has two ruffle options. It's loose enough to fit over pretty much any dress, or outfit, and once you've made it there's an option to cinch it in a little bit, to go over slimmer fitting tops.

Available in my Craftsy store:

Outfits (Etsy only):

I've listed a goodly amount of OOAK doll's outfits. Most of these have been made whilst I was devising its respective pattern.  The outfits have been enhanced, added to, and are now available to buy in the "Handmade doll fashions" section.

New patterns:

I have three new patterns (more to follow) - and one mini-tutorial. Again, they're available in my Etsy shop, here on the blog, or in the new Craftsy store. (Links above.)

I've also published Straightforward Sewing Pattern (SSP range) versions of two of my most popular items from the full tutorial (TUTE range) There is still the option to buy the full tutorial versions of these two SSP patterns.  Please read all the blurb before deciding which version would suit you best.

The new Sewing patterns will replace the full tutorials.  The corresponding TUTES will only continue to be available until August 1st, 2015.

Very lastly, to celebrate the imminent arrival of my first Penn from Wilde,  I've condensed TUTE#011 and TUTE#012 into a Straightforward Sewing Pattern too. So it's not only that bit cheaper, it's also two in one.

That's it.  I now need to get on with something for Penn. 


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