Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tights for Ell.

Whew.  such a simple garment, simple pattern, but I said it when I was making tights for Patience and I'll say it again here.   It takes so many pairs of tights to be sure my pattern works with differing stretch jerseys.

Stretch fabrics, knits that is, like jersey vary incredibly.  I even have several from the same range that vary in their stretch.   Hence the need to make several pairs of tights in several different jerseys to ensure the pattern is a good one.

I've downloaded free tights patterns in the past and found them very hit and miss.  With this latest pattern for Ellowyne, I'd obviously like people to be able to buy with confidence.

So far, I've sewn three pairs of tights.  I have to do it by hand, because the so called stretch stitches on my machine really are not stretchy at all.  And some of my viscose jersey is so fine and slinky, that the machine just gobbles it up and I have to spend ages trying to dig all the bits of fabric out of the thread well.

Three down and three more to go.  I've yet to make the socks and stockings.

The Patience ones were no elastic with an option for elastic if people preferred to use it.  Due to Ell's curvier shape, these require elastic around the waist, but it's pretty easy to thread it through once the tights are made.

It's going well though, I just need to make more test garments that usual with these.

In other news, one week to go and I can open my Etsy store.  :)

I also have a new store being set up at Craftsy, who have recently opened up a whole new section purely for PDF download patterns.   There seem to be lots of free patterns available too, so it's looking like Craftsy will become really popular.

My Sellfy store will also be re-opened.   This will all be happening on the 11th June, 2015.  The free pattern will be available on that date too. 

I shall keep people posted.


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