Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Whenever I make a toile for a corset, it's invariably way too loose, and overlaps at the back far too deeply.  Then I alter the pattern, and when I sew up a proper version, it's invariably too tight, and the overlap isn't quite enough.

Le sigh.

At least it's looking gorgeous in every other way.   But now I have to alter the pattern, re-cut and re-sew the whole thing.  I know I could use eyelets, but they only really look good if there's no overlap at all, as the edges need to be flush against each other.

Also, I have to add the skirt.  Which takes up more space, and means the gown may not close at all at the base of the bodice.

Here it is over the yoked petticoat, which is pretty much perfected.

Black cotton lawn with white lining.

Back to the cutting board I go....


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