Monday, 27 July 2015

Fabrics, fabrics, everywhere...

I said to someone that I'd try to take pics of the fabric I'm going to use for the Evangeline Ghastly gown, so here they are.  It's a beautiful cotton lawn, with a print that is small enough for doll scale, but it changes over a large area of the fabric, so will make for an interesting gown skirt.

This is just under a fat quarter - so you can see how the print changes so much from area to area.  Lovely!

It's black and white - obviously. Less obvious are the  the subtle patches of metallic gold print here and there. Tricky to pick up with the camera, so here area couple of close-ups.

I went back to the online shop I bought it from, only to find there's none left, so I have to make mine count.

Whilst we're on the subject, I had a nice surprise in the post from Spoonflower today too.   I save up my Spoondollars, so I can buy sample swatches and pieces of fabric every now and then. I had a lot of spoondollars available recently, so ordered about 50 quids worth of fabrics - with free shipping too!  Yay.

Nobody was happier than me when SF started doing cotton lawn again.  It's gorgeous quality. Soft and nice to sew.  I bought a metre, with four fat quarters in my own print design.  

I'm fond of creating uneven backgrounds with some texture or slight print, then dropping scattered or random roses over the whole design.  It looks beautiful in doll scale, and is what I used for the recent regency dress and bonnet for Patience.

Their modern jersey is also lovely. I usually avoid polyester like the plague, mainly because you cant always get a crease in the damn stuff, so it's impossible to press my seams nice and flat when I'm sewing. This one presses quite nicely though, and has Lycra content too, so is lovely for dolly clothes. I recently made a leotard from it, for my 17" Tonner boy, Ben.

Here's some of my designs.  It's one of my hobbies, designing fabric prints, and is what I actually studied at art college. I'm no Kaffe Fassett,  or William Morris, but it's lots of fun... especially with digital art programs like the Gimp.

Teeny tiny wols and hearts:

And some pretty florals:

Here, I've tried to show the mottled and subtly patterned background:

So that's me, up to my neck in fabric.  :)   There's no such thing as too much fabric.... there is such a thing as not enough storage space though.  Heh.


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