Sunday, 5 July 2015

New project: Regency dress for Patience.

I've changed the way I work slightly, so that now I work on a new project whilst I finalise the details and instructions of other patterns.  I've a few in hand, and they're still being finished off.   In the meantime, I needed something summery to sew, and I've wanted to try a regency style dress for Patience for a while now. I already have a lovely bonnet design, which will go with this pattern when it's published.

Now I've worked out how to do the bodice, I took a quick snap.  I'm pleased with it so far.  These long sleeves are fully lined, so this pattern will be a bit more intermediate level, or a little more advanced than some of my patterns, but it's not so hard to do.

I'll probably include an option for simpler unlined long sleeves, and a short puff sleeve as well.

Next to make a nice long skirt.  I've done a bit of research on Regency dresses, and the back of the skirt often trails along the ground, and is longer, and more gathered, than the front.

I'll figure that out next, and am tempted to include an option for a simpler skirt too. One that's the same length back and front.  Not sure yet.  I only have a certain size of PDF to play with, when it comes to uploading to Etsy. If the instruction PDFs are too large, I get all sorts of uploading problems, and have to zip them - and I've had some customers who have problems opening zip files.

It's been nice to go back to girlie things after sewing for the lads.


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