Monday, 13 July 2015

Sewing pattern for Ellowyne Wilde SSP-014 Also fits slim MSD.

Ellowyne wilde sewing pattern
Now I've finalised and polished the pattern, I'm able to offer this latest sewing pattern for Ellowyne Wilde and all her mates, along with slim MSD.  The ensemble fits my Luts Kid Delf girls, with normal and small busts.  It should fit Minifee really nicely, so I'm told, but I don't actually own a Minifee to test it out on.

In my Etsy shop:

Or my Craftsy Pattern store:

And right here on the blog: (Via Sellfy)

Here it is on Pru and on Katie, my KDF.  Katie has the "romantic" bust, and it looks equally good on Hannah, my other KDF, who has a "normal" or small bust.

The tunic is fully lined.   The lining is actually extended at both the hem and the sleeve cuffs, so a contrast lining works really well.   It's cleverly sewn inside so that no seams show on the outside of the garment where the lining shows.

I love the dipped hemline. :)

Here's the leotard on its own:

And with the bloomers.  These are a different style from the bloomers in SSP-015, and are just as easy to make.

I think this outfit looks suitably quirky to be ideal for Pru, and can be prettied up  with trimmings for Ellowyne.

Happy sewing!


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