Monday, 20 July 2015

Patience Wilde sewing patterns SSP-023: Regency dress and bonnet.

The Regency dress and bonnet pattern is now available at my outlets:

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And here on the blog: (Via Sellfy)

I've included three sleeve options for this dress: Long and lined, long and unlined, and short puffed unlined.  I recommend tackling the long lined sleeve ONLY with lightweight fabrics like lawn or voile.  For quilters weight cottons which are the fairly standard cottons a lot of dolly sewists use, I'd recommend the long unlined or the short unlined sleeves.

I've lined these sleeves below, because I was using cotton lawn for both the outer and the linings:

And the simpler short puff sleeves are easier to make unlined:

The bonnet was a joy to make.  I do enjoy a spot of hattery.  It's fully lined, and I like to do parts of it with the lining showing, and other parts with the outer fabric showing.  You can do any combination you like.

Most regency dresses seem to be simple A-line at the front, and gathered or pleated at the back - my dress reflects this.

This looks so lovely on Patience. It took a lot of tweaking and checking, but well worth it in the end for a perfectly fitted pattern. :)

I hope people enjoy this one!


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