Thursday, 23 July 2015

We all have days when our brains won't work.

Me more than most?  

Okay, so I've drafted my first garment for Evangeline Ghastly.  I've been excited about this since I bought her, and have spent the last couple of days working out a pattern for a corset-bodiced gown.  (There will be long evening gloves too, if the grey matter will allow.)

The toiles went really well.  Here's the corset part... just sat on the doll and not pinned.  It fits her contours perfectly.

By the way - I don't use muslin or calico for my toiles, I use up old scraps of fabric to save them wasting away in a bag for years on end.

Her bosoms are truly enormous.  Melons, in fact.  But I managed to get a good fit around all the boobage.

Now, before I make a low-waisted dress with a tight bodice, I always make a yoked or drop-waisted petticoat. Here's the toile for that, well the yoke part anyway. I taped it to the body temporarily to prevent slipping.

So far so good.   The skirt panels are usually a doddle to figure out, and that didn't take me long.

However, when I came to cut the darn things out, I kept screwing up.  Infuriating! I wasted some good white cotton lawn.  Not loads, but enough to be irksome.  I've cut this style of skirt panels time and time again, so I have no idea why my  brain won't fire, but finally I've got all the bits cut out, and am ready to make the petticoat.

I'm gonna be SO careful to get the actual gown cut out right.  I have this amazing white cotton lawn with a black floral print interlaced with metallic gold.  It's so gorgeous, and not the least bit cheap.  So as Baldrick would say:  We're not at home to mr Cock-up.

But yes.  Ongoing work is ongoing, and this will be my first pattern for Evangeline.  

(I can't even type. Spell check has been busy...)


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