Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Charity event featuring Raccoon's Rags mini-tute, hair barrette.

A while back, a lady bought my mini-tutorial TUTE#017, for a doll's hairslide/barrette. We had a pleasant chat via Etsy, and because she was asking permission to use my pattern for a workshop she was running at an event - which was absolutely okay by me -  and the proceeds were going to charity, I refunded her the money for the pattern, as a minor contribution to their cause.

I'd almost forgotten about it, but today had a lovely email from this lady and her co-organiser, thanking me, and showing some pictures of the workshop. I was delighted! The little barrettes are so pretty, and I love what people can do with a little creative flair.

The two ladies I've been speaking to are Hazel and Marie. The event was organised by Cindy at Rainbow bazaar. It was a convention event, in Nashua, New Hampshire. It featured Wilde Imagination dolls, and Robert Tonner was one of the attendees.

Hazel and Marie organised the workshop - which involved my barrettes. The event and the raffles raised over 1,100 dollars for the Greater Nashua Humane society to help animals in need.

Here's a link to some photos of the workshop.

(Edit: Link fixed now)

A little Raccoon's Rags flyer was printed up and handed out, so I'm really grateful to these ladies for the publicity. It seems the event was a roaring success... and it's just so nice how supportive the doll community is.

There are also photos of the workshop (and the event) on the Wilde Imagination Facebook page. It was great looking them up and seeing them!

Thanks Hazel and Maria! I'm happy to have helped in some small way, and was delighted to see the pictures. 


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