Thursday, 6 August 2015

Gown ensemble for sale on Etsy.

I've put a ton of work into the gown outfit for Evangeline, and it's looking gorgeous... this one is kinda hard to part with, but needs must.

Available in my Etsy store:

I've enhanced the bodice and the armlets with white guipure flowers. I've hand-painted the centres black, which makes them merge into the dress nicely.  To blend the skirt up into the bodice a little, I've also added tiny white seed beads.

The armlets have been given the same treatment and are looking fabulous.

Besides the choker I've been shouting about on Facebook all morning, I've made a lovely little fascinator which is Lilith's (my lovely model) crowning glory.   I just love marabou, and must buy in some more at some point.

I love everything about this outfit.  The silhouette, the way everything ties in.  I keep saying this, but if I was in my twenties again I would so love to wear this.

Loving that choker too. I used to make jewellery as a business, and I miss the odd pleasant afternoon of beading.  This is my first fascinator too.  Something I've always wanted to try making, and it was such fun, I'm thinking of releasing a mini-tutorial on the subject.

Despite the challenge this doll's bust presents. I've really enjoyed sewing for her, and am  looking forward to lots more.  :)


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