Saturday, 1 August 2015

Gown for Evangeline.

Getting closer to finished.  This girl is Lilith, my... er, second Evangeline Ghastly.  I couldn't help but buy another one, and you can get good prices on nude dolls, if you look on Ebay.

Here's the gown with the corseted bodice.  I've managed to get a really nice fit, and the yoked petticoat sits nicely underneath.  She's a tad soggy here, as I've dampened the skirts to style them.

There's three layers of full skirt in this design; two layers in the petticoat, and one in the gown - although it's not too hard to make the gown with two layers of skirt as well.

Just a quick snap of the work so far.  The bodice needs another press where it meets the skirt, because dampening the fabric took away all my neat, flat seaming:

I quite like this wig on her too, it's  a Monique Gold "Ginger" Wig that I've cut and styled a bit.

Next up, something for her arms I think. :)


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