Thursday, 6 August 2015


 Just a quickie.  This went so well, I just had to show it off.

This choker for Evangeline is made from 15/0 seed beads. The smallest you can get ( I think.)  I've used black and pewter - the latter of which looks like silver, but is actually darker, like, well... pewter.

The beads are sewed onto Ultrasuede, which is the perfect material to bead on. It's incredibly strong, doesn't fray, and you can take the tiniest stitches right on the very edge of the fabric and it doesn't break away. Ultrasuede is actually more expensive than real kid leather.

This very small choker took 4 hours of work!

In between publishing the patterns, I like to enhance an outfit ready for selling.   It gives me a break, and it gives some lucky person the chance to buy a ready-made outfit.

I've also been embellishing the dress.

15/0 seed beads are gorgeous. I need strong craft glasses to be able to sew them and loads of light, but the scale is just lovely for dollies.

Righty. I have in mind a fascinator for Lilith next, and maybe even some shoes.  The more I add, the more it pushes up the overall price, but sometimes I just can't help myself. Frippery is fun.


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