Sunday, 30 August 2015

Procrastination is the thief of time.

Woke up in between patterns today. Deciding to take the day off, but knowing I had to clear my desk before I started the next thing.

I hate tidying my desk... and my day went something like this:

Drink coffee.
Faff around on new computer.
Workdesk still messy.
More coffee and some toast.
Tidy up a fabric drawer.
More coffee.
Tidy up three other fabric drawers, all folded and neat.
Add excess fabric to the under-bed stash that I really need to clear out.
Workdesk still messy.
Drink coffee.
Open up art program and play with new brushes.
More coffee.
Five minutes on Facebook.
Workdesk still messy.

It was about 4.30 by this time.

Earlier, I picked a drawer and tidied it.   It was packed full of fabric just stuffed inside, and although it doesn't look amazing, it's a lot more organised.

Then I did the other three fabric drawers:

So then I was happy with that.

Finally - I got around to the desk. Then just as I'd finished, dinner was cooked so I'm back again, and sitting here full of pasta.  And with a halo.

I really want to organise some wall hooks or some means of hanging my tools and bits up, so less desk space is taken up. I love a really clear, empty work surface.  Even if I do  litter it up with bits of card pattern, fabrics, shoes and dolls.

So now I can go back to playing with TEH GLADIATOR.  That's my new computer.  :D   I love it.   I LOVE Linux with a passion.   Seriously, Windows sucks big-time, it's so prone to infection.   I'm now running Linux Mint, Cinnamon, and I'm utterly in love.

Here's a screenshot of my desktop.   The wallpaper is beautiful - I actually found that online -  and I don't have to have any irritating icons littering it up, because I can put everything (including the kitchen sink) on the panel (taskbar) at the bottom.  It's so customisable, you can have the desktop looking pretty much any way you want it.

And my god. Talk about fast. And silent. It's so quiet I can't tell it's on.  This setup has a quad core 3.10GHz processor, one 120gb solid state hard drive, one 2tb SATA drive, and I had 16gb of RAM installed when it was made.   I've always bought my computers from Aria, online.  

Do not go to PC World.  Their prices are inflated and their assistants are trained to sell things to you, as opposed to informing you.

Aria build computers to order, and you can choose one of their standard models and have it beefed up a bit. Or you can order something that is to your own specifications.   This is the third Desktop I've had from them, and I've never had a problem.   They are knowledgeable and helpful too.


So anyway.   Back to dollies.  I think the next project will be that long-promised tutorial on how to make Alice bands.


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