Monday, 24 August 2015

Tonner boy dolls sewing pattern SSP-021 Leotard & vest.

Here's another offering from Raccoon HQ.    I've designed a leotard for 17" Tonner male dolls, so that if you're looking for a top that stays tucked in to jeans or pants, this is the one for you.   There is also a fully lined waistcoat, which looks great with the lace-up front leotard, especially if you're going for something like a steampunk or olde-worlde look.

This fits Matt O'Neill, Rufus Rutter, Imperium Park Phin, and also Wilde's new boy, Penn.

Available in my Etsy store:

At my Craftsy store:

And here on the blog:  (Via Sellfy)

(EDIT:  Craftsy and blog page links now added.)

I will list this in my Craftsy store, and on the blog, as soon as the problem has been resolved.

Here's what the leotard looks like, without the waistcoat.  I'm not crazy about the onesie look on a bloke - but these look great once the boys are in pants or jeans!

And the plain tee-shirt version, with short sleeves:

The waistcoat is great for a smart outfit, or can be worn as a dressed-down look.

If you need jeans, or plain pants,   Pattern SSP-020 provides those things, and is available in my Etsy store, as well as here on the blog, and on Craftsy.  (The tee-shirt pattern pieces also found in SSP-020 are fully interchangeable with this leotard.)

The waistcoat from the back.  The back-strap is optional, as are the buttons really, if you just want an edge-to-edge vest.

I particularly like the waistcoat when the back is in a contrast fabric to the front.

The little buckles are hand made too.   They're quite easy, but you do need some small craft pliers, and some wire.  The instructions for the buckles are not included in this pattern, but there is a link in the instructions to my free tutorial on how to make your own belt buckles.

That's it for now.  I'm highly perturbed that I can't get Sellfy or Craftsy to load.   It's all loading in plain text, and it drives me nuts when I can't access my sales sites.   I pray it's just some glitch in the ether!


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