Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Evangeline sewing pattern SSP-025: Gown & armlets.

Loved making something for this little lady.  Here's my gorgeous Lilith modelling the latest offering from Raccoon HQ.

Available in the following places:



Here on my blog:  (via Sellfy)

Etsy will charge VAT to European Union customers.  I recommend EU customers go to Craftsy to compare prices.  America, Canada, Australia, and other non EU countries are not affected.

I'm most pleased with these lovely armlets.  I managed to cut the pattern so that the ruffles form a lovely shape when on the doll.   The view from the back is just as nice as the front!

This pattern is slightly more advanced than most of my others.  The corset panels can be tricky to sew if you're not at an intermediate level. That said, the instructions are photographic, and are nice and clear with helpful hints on how to sew this really well.

I'm very happy with the corset bodice too.  It fits  well over Lilith's huge bazooms, and over the yoked petticoat.

And here's the petticoat:

A lovely project to sew for a very elegant doll.

I've also been busy working on my TUTE#014 for the pirate lass outfit for Ellowyne Wilde.  I've published a condensed SSP version of this full tutorial.  The new pattern is still very detailed, and of course is offered for a slightly lesser price.

This can be found also in my three outlets:

Whew.  I've been busy.  Now I need to tidy up my bombsite... er, my workspace, before embarking on the next project.


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