Friday, 14 August 2015

Patience sewing pattern SSP-026: Summer capsule wardrobee.

So here it is.   I wanted to sit and make something a little more simple to sew this time. So I designed a pretty sundress, which can be worn with or without the cropped pants.  To add a girlie touch to the pants, I've added an optional turn-up cuff to the pants.

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So on with the pattern. I went a bit further, to play around with the design, and you can also use this to make a peplum-frilled top, and a little cropped top too.   If you want plainer pants, you can simply hem them instead of  sewing on the cuffs.

It's a proper little capsule wardrobe.  Just the kind of thing a little girl could pack in her suitcase for holidays by the sea.

Because the skirt is very full, if you want to make a lined skirt, or peplum, you will need to use cotton lawn, or a lighter weight fabric.  I know a lot of people like to use quilters-weight cottons for dolly clothes, and they do come in an incredible variety of colours and patterns.

So for  this slightly heavier weight fabric, it's best not to have a lining for the skirt, as the bulk around the waist would be a bit too much.   The instructions do show how to make an unlined version of the skirt.

The bodice needs to be lined whichever fabric you choose.

Here's my lined skirt in Lacuna Press cotton lawn.  Very full with a frothy lining that resembles a petticoat.

And here's the peplum top version.  Basically the dress without a ruffle, and sewn in quilters weight cotton, in a beautiful print.

Last but not least, here's the little top, which is made from the bodice, without the skirt. The raccoon fabric is my own design.  The pants-cuffs tie the outfit together nicely.

And a view of the easy-to-sew pants.  They would be quite easy to make into shorts.

So there we go.  I still have ideas that this project sparked off, so I may be making a couple of mini-tutorials next.


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