Saturday, 29 August 2015

Sewing pattern for Patience Wilde SSP-027 jacket/coat

Another versatile little garment from Raccoon's Rags.

This fully lined summer/Autumn jacket has two choices of overall length, and an extra option for longer sleeves so you can turn up the cuffs to revel the contrast lining.

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Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always suggest comparing prices.

I've cunningly tailored the sleeves to fit over long-sleeved garments underneath, and is cut loosely enough to button up over layers:

(Poor Patch. He's not  terribly impressed at being made to model a girls jacket.)

These little jackets look great over SSP-026, the summer capsule wardrobe for Patience.  I've made all mine to match the outfits I made whilst developing that patterns.

Short jacket over a dress:

Longer version over a top and pants.  Here you can see the turned-up cuffs too.  These printed fabrics are all my own design, created to be worn together.

You can always leave the buttons and/or snaps off.  The coat will look good edge-to-edge, over maybe a fuller dress.

The collar can be left off too, the instructions cover this as you sew.   It would look particularly nice to have a collarless shorter jacket - as a little bolero.

My Ellowyne dolls are glaring at me from their shelves, thinking I've had way too much fun with Patience, and it should be their turn next.  

....Then there's Evangeline, looking wistful at having only one pattern devoted to her.  

So many dolls, so little time.  


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