Saturday, 12 September 2015

Argh pants!

Pants.   It's actually a word you'd use for something that's rubbish here in the UK. We see pants as underpants, and find the word 'pants' quite hysterical. So today everything is pants. Including my pants.  My pants are pants.

I made some ... okay, now I have to call them trousers ... to go over Ell's new leotard.   As most people who read this blog, or know me a little will understand, fit is really important to me.   I guess it gives me the chance to indulge my borderline OCD.   I kind of obsess over fit.  And if a garment won't go right, I tie myself up in knots over it. I actually woke up feeling really depressive and low today.  Just because I can't get something perfect.

Here are my original trews.    Now they look okay in the picture, One does get a normal amount of puckering around the groin, even in human sized pants.   But it bugs the living S*** out of me.

They look better in the picture than in real life I think.  And they do look pretty much okay, just as if they're a comfortable pair of trews that have had some wear by their owner.  .. but "pretty much okay" is just not good enough for my patterns.

That and the back looks awful. Take my word for it.

So today I sat down to completely re-draft a new trouser pattern, and as usual, when I'm designing trews, I design shorts first, because it saves me wasting a load of extra fabric whilst making toiles. Once the crotch is right, the legs usually follow on okay.

This is my third pair of shorts, and to my eye, the crotch looks a lot better.  It also looks way better at the back than the original pair.   They're also fitted better - not so tight - so are easier to put on over the leotard.

There's still some wrinkling around the crotch, but it's minimal, and I'm not sure one can completely erase any pulling or puckering without trace - unless one is a Saville Row tailor, which unfortunately I'm not.   I swear when I come back in my next life, I want to devote my life to pattern cutting, and maybe become a Saville Row tailor, or couture seamstress before I embark on sewing for dollies.  

Any old how, I'm going to add the legs to these new pants, and sew them up to see how they turn out. I find it much harder to make good pants in quilters-weight cotton than I do in softer and slightly thicker shirt denims and needlecord... and that just makes me want to be able to do it!   For this next pattern, I want to create a damn good pair of Ellowyne trousers that is good and reliable.

Off I trot, back to the workdesk. Wish me luck.


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