Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Okay so I'm a fabriholic.  Do I care?  Nuh-uh.

So often I try to find fabrics with tiny doll-scale prints that I can combine.  So often I find one perfectly beautiful fabric... with absolutely nothing that will team up with it.   So this time I took it upon myself to produce the right kind of prints to accompany each other.

I'm currently working on the Victorian-look leotard and overdress for Ellowyne, and I wanted some dark fabrics to use.  This led me to design a hearts fabric, and an accompanying flower/star print. Now I fully confess I've taken my inspiration from some commercially printed fabrics that I have in my stash, and people may recognise the heart fabric; but I have made the appropriate Gimp brushes from scratch, and all the work from pattern repeat to colour is my own.

I sent the designs off to Lacuna Press on Saturday, and they're so fast, the fabrics arrived today.

This is Lacuna Press cotton percale Ultra.   The dark colours have printed so well on it, and I'm very happy.  The camera and lights make them appear paler, but in real life the fabric is in deep shades of chocolate and plum.

I like my fat quarters.  An ideal size for dolly dresses, so I design a whole yard of fabric at a time, dividing it into four sections, one of each design.

And a quick close-up...

Can't wait to use it!  :)


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