Friday, 25 September 2015

Mmmmh ...Spoonflower.

I love Spoonflower for having the occasional free swatch day.  I always pounce on the chance to get another fabric design proofed, so it can be sold.  We have to proof all designs before sale, because colour on a monitor is different from actual printed colour, so every design needs to be checked, to maintain high standards.

You will see my design here is slightly different to the shades in my online shop (link below the pic) It's turned out a beautiful strawberry-looking variation of pinks, so I'm very happy with it.

They've recently bought in some polyester Crepe de Chine, and here's my design on that new fabric. This is an 8" square:

The fabric is very nice for poly.   I can iron a nice crease into it, which means seams will be easy to press nice and flat.   But I've actually bought a fat quarter in cotton lawn.   My dreamy dream fabric.

Here's the design "Vines & roses"  in my Spoonflower shop.

When you buy from SF, you can choose your fabrics from the drop-down menu.   The designers (like me) are paid 10% commission, and all customers deal with Spoonflower, not us designers.

The design is one of my small-scale prints, suitable for dolly clothes or miniatures - like dolls house wallpaper.   You can also buy this in paper form from SF, and they even sell actual wallpaper.

Now back to work for me.  I'm supposed to be busy, but my attention span today is slightly shorter than that of a goldfish.....


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