Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New outfit for Ellowyne.

The first ensemble for the delightful Ellowyne Wilde in a while now. I love sewing for this girl, and having recently finished the sewing pattern, I had a ball today and treated myself to an accessories-making binge.

Now available here at Etsy:

Hey, it's less calories than a chocolate binge.

The Alice band is one I made for the TUTE#019, Alice bands for all dolls.   I've tinted the flower with silk paints, to tie it in with the pinkish theme.

I made a little handbag too, with real kid leather from a closing-down sale stash I bought many moons ago. It keeps paying for itself, and I love working with it.   The back does not open, it's a decorative sort of a thang.

The necklace is made from glass seed beads, and I made a little hook fastening for it.  My previous trade as jewellery maker comes in handy for dollies.

And I added a ribbon belt to the pants.   The belt is in two parts, and is stitched securely to the back of the pants next to the closure.   I've left the rest of it loose, so it can be adjusted when the doll is dressed in the pants. 

 And as the pants fabric is some I have only used in a lined coat before. I wanted to be safe from potential staining.  It's high quality, viscose and cashmere, so it should be fine, but to be really sure, I made a pair of no-elastic tights to go under the outfit.

I'm so happy I created a tights pattern. They're so quick and easy to make, and very useful.

So often I see a pretty dolly ensemble for sale, which states 'jewellery not included".  I never like to team a doll's outfit with jewellery or accessories unless the whole caboodle is on offer.   Although I do make an exception with shoes.  I think sometimes one needs to show an outfit to its best advantage with footwear.

This particular ensemble will look great with any pair of Ellowyne Wilde shoes. I tried on the doll a pair of zip-up high heeled boots, and it looked fab.

My favourite item is that leotard. The roll collar worked better than I'd dared to hope. And I love the fabric.... even if I did design it myself.  

Well, I guess it's a good sign if one loves what one has designed, right?

Darn tootin'.



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