Sunday, 13 September 2015

Not so pants now....

Okay, everything is much less pants today.

I've finished the final toile for the trews for Ellowyne, that fit over the leotard.  I took off the trews from yesterday, that I didn't like, sorted out the back, and tried them on the doll sans leotard, and they look much better.

As for yesterdays shorts, I've added the legs, and made them a slightly more subtly flared, and sewed them up.   They look great.  I'll probably put on a mock-belt detail too, but that's for later.  Right now, I'm very happy with the almost completely wrinkle-free crotch.

From the side you can see the nice flare.  These are great boot-cut trews.

And with high-heeled boots.  They look really good.

I tend to make my flared pants longer than straight legged ones. That's because with flares, I prefer a high heel under the leg, and with straight leg or skinny pants, I like to put on MSD boots with flat heels, over the top of the leg.

Now to go and make a proper pair for this here leotard ensemble. I haven't even begun the vest/waistcoat yet.


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