Friday, 4 September 2015

Outfits by Tillietogs.

I love when my pal Trish (Tillietogs over at Fickr) makes something from a Raccoon pattern.   I invariably get to see a whole rainbow of lovely little dolly frocks, and accessories.  All these pictures are her own copyright.

Here are all her lucky Patience dolls:  I just love these pastelly-sorbet colours!

Every good girl deserves cake....

All of these were hand-sewn by Trish, using pattern  SSP-006, minus the sleeves.  

The dress to the left in the picture below was made from SSP-005.  I love this pic.

And a little more recently, here's what she did with SSP-010 for Ellowyne.   I love how all these dresses have completely different looks.

And another pic of three of Trish's lovely girls:  I tend to pick out the purple ones - we both agree on purple, it being such a fab colour. Note the sparkly belt. Love it.

Thanks for letting me show these, Trish.  This made a really colourful post!


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