Sunday, 27 September 2015

Plodding along...

I had the song "Bobbing Along" from bedknobs and Broomsticks going round in my head today... only I kept singing it as "plodding along" while I grappled with an old pinafore pattern I had for Ellowyne.

I drafted this pattern back when I had my first Ell, and my sewing for anything larger than Pippa scale dolls was less than perfect at the time.

First pic though, The leotard part went just fine.  I mastered the art of the leotard fairly quickly, due to the stretchy fabric, which is very forgiving, although it does have its own set of problems.  This is made in Spoonflower "modern jersey" (to which I'm fast becoming addicted) printed with my own fabric pattern design.   I made the leg-of-mutton sleeves a while back, and haven't had the chance to feature them in a pattern yet.

Here's the original outfit.   It sold for less than it was worth at the time, because I was still sort of learning.   It's remained one of my favourites though, and has a steampunk feel.  The new pattern will have the option of a plain bodice, and one with mock lace-up front.

The new fabrics I bought for my latest pattern, are a selection of 3 lovely dusky plum shades, and a couple of dusty paler lavenders.

Here's my first attempt at the plain bodice. I used my original pattern without modifying it.  Because it's not in two sections like the original one was, it doesn't fit quite right.  you can see from this picture that it's just a bit uncomfortable-looking.  The darts look a bit rumpled, and you can't tell from the picture, but the front neckline gapes away from the leotard underneath.

The shoulders also look a bit odd, because the back is too high up the neck.

Fortunately it was pretty easy to smooth it out and alter the shape a little. Here's the second attempt, looking smooth and fitting beautifully.

As a result of my alteration thought, the neckline is not as low, or as square as the original.  So I may have a crack at altering that too..... or I may leave this plain bodice as it is, and alter the neckline for the mock lace-up version.   We'll see how I feel.

I have had pain in my left shoulder recently.  I get nerve pains down from my shoulder joint, and down again from my elbow.  I suspect it's a touch of repetitive strain injury, from lots of time sewing by hand, and lots of time on the computer.   It seems to be getting worse rather than better, but I don't want to stop sewing for weeks on end while I rest it... or indeed using the computer.  Half of my life is on this computer, and I can't imagine how agoraphobics coped before t'internet.

Le sigh.

I don't care. I'll sew until the darn thing drops off....


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