Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ellowyne sewing pattern SSP-028: "Polo".

This took so long!  I think I'll have to get used to that, now I've almost exhausted my existing patterns.  I'll have to draft brand new ones which means painstaking attention to fit, and working out all the glitches before I feel happy to offer the pattern to the buying public.

Quality is really important to me, so please excuse my slowness.  It's better than offering half-baked products.

Available now in my Etsy shop:

My craftsy store:

Or here on the blog: (Via Sellfy)

Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always suggest comparing prices.

On with the fun part.   Here's the cover.

I've posted about the pants a fair bit, and now they fit perfectly, but choose your fabric wisely.

I re-made the leotard as well, the collar is heaps better now....  Why have 'nice' when you can have gorgeous?

The waistcoat has princess seaming. Now I used to be a bit scared of princess seams, but after some exploration, I  offer a couple of tips in the instructions to help you sew these seams a bit more easily.

For the Alice band see TUTE#019, and for the tights (which I made to protect dolly from any potential pants-staining) see SSP-019.

Whew!  Now, let's see.  What's next.....


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