Friday, 16 October 2015


The recent Edwardian-flavoured sewing pattern got me all fired up about steampunk.  So I ordered some bits and pieces, and have been working out how to make steampunk-flavoured accessories, to go with the two dresses I made whilst creating the pattern.

Here's a teaser of how things are going.

I managed to find a bunch of things in brass and antique brass finish.   The outfits are coming along nicely, but dear lord - the work involved!    Well worth the effort, I feel.  But it's taking longer than I thought, and I want to get cracking on the next sewing pattern.

Here's one of a pair of gauntlets I designed.   The dress has some lovely embellishment, so I decided the leotard needed a little enhancement too.

It's going well. My desk is a tip.  But I'm really enjoying making these outfits.


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