Thursday, 22 October 2015

Two steampunk outfits for Ellowyne Wilde.

I've been beavering away at these two very special outfits for weeks!   It took time for all my embellishments to arrive, and I've meticulously made every item.    The results are lovely, and I'm sorely tempted to keep on, or both, but no.  I must be strong!

They can both be found in my Etsy store: (Section: Handmade doll fashions)

Individual links:

Sugarplum flavoured steampunk: 

Chocolate flavoured steampunk:

To make the dress, underskirt and leotard (not the accessories) Here's a link to the pattern SSP-029.
For the tights, I used SSP-019.

Here come  the piccies.

First the sugarplum outfit.  Dripping with embellishments.

I'm not sure what my favourite part of this is.  Love the goggles, so much fun  to make; but the gauntlets worked so well, I really want to use them again and again.

I embellished the leotard too.  With its bow, it could be worn with just the skirt for the doll's everyday outfit. The leotard fabric is my own design, printed by Spoonflower.

The tights are just to be extra-sure the doll's legs and feet don't get stained.  I've used this leather on my own dolls without a problem, but I'm even more careful when it comes to other people's dolls. Stretch mesh is surprisingly easy to sew by hand.  And I've been avoiding it all these years.

Making boots kills my fingers, but they're so rewarding.  These are loose enough to fit the doll's foot, and over the tights too, and the strap is used to cinch them in to the shape of the calf and ankle.

And here's what the sale is for.   Lots of pieces of goodness to play with.

Now for the chocolate.   This fabric is Lacuna Press cotton ultra percale, printed with my own pattern.

Again,, lots of lovely embellishments.   And the bodice has a mock lace-up front.

Leotard, again my own print from Spoonflower:

With the same tights.


And all the pieces included in the sale:

Now I need to clear up my tip of a desk, and move on to the next sewing pattern.   Maybe something for Evangeline, but I'm undecided.


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