Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Ellowyne Wilde

A Dream of Marigold & Cinnamon

I've been looking at this lovely doll for ages, thinking I must have missed the release and that she had sold out quickly.  But when I was she was in stock, I snapped her up straight away.

I assume Wilde had just taken their time in teasing us and releasing her?

But anyway, I haven't bought a dolly for some time now, and she's gorgeous with that tan skin and will make a good pal for my Lizette.

I'll be sorely tempted to give her a bindi. Maybe a tiny stick-on rhinestone or something.

The outfit is lovely too, and I might be creating something of an Asian flavour myself.  I love the whole Bollywood thing, and years back, I designed some 6" Pippa/Dawn outfits based on sarees and beads and Bollywood.

It's going to be a lot more fun with a 16" Ellowyne-scale doll to work with!


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