Sunday, 26 June 2016

1950's dresses are up for sale.

I put the long gown on Amber today and she looks so lovely in it, and insisted on being the model.  So who am I to disagree with the uppity miss Stanhope?

I've listed both the dress I made whilst publishing the 1950's Chic pattern (SSP-035) in my Etsy shop.  They look lovely  on the girls and I'm so reluctant to part with them, because those skirts! So much fabric.  Lots of swishy petticoats.

Etsy listing for the gown:

Etsy listing for the dress:

For the calf-length dress, I mad a shoulder wrap and added trim.  It's such a pretty fabric, and I love the look.

Both dolls look proper girlie.  :)

I've added skintone tights, because a girl can never have too many of those, and they do finish the outfits nicely.

Floor length petticoat:

Calf-length petticoat:

For my next trick, I'm planning my first ever pattern for Deja-Vu dolls by Tonner.   I've had a few enquiries as to whether I will be sewing for those pretty girls, so I bought the most inexpensive nude one that I could find, on eBay, and I'm rather taken with her. Her scale and size makes me look forward to drafting something fabulous.

So yes. I will be sewing for Deja Vu.   :)

But first, I have a leotard to make for Evangeline, so I can get the Edwardian style outfits listed for sale.


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