Thursday, 30 June 2016

Two new outfits for Evangeline.

It's taken a while to finish off the outfits, and embellish, but I've finally finished them to my satisfaction.   (I'm so picky)

These are the two outfits I produced when publishing the Evangeline Ghastly Edwardian style outfit (SSP-030)  And I've added bakersboy bonnets, with tights.   I've also painstakingly added metal studs, and embellishments.  They look gorgeous. :)  I'm so pleased with them.

Red outfit in my Etsy shop:

Black outfit in my Etsy shop:

The black one is floor length, and accommodates a stand.  It also has the mock lace-up front detailing.

 The red version has the plain front, and is ankle length. It looks longer in my photos, I still haven't mastered the right angle to photograph dollies.  Especially the tall ones.

And some of the detailing:

They also look good without the overdress.  As a top and skirt set.




Hats.  <3

And the tights go under the leotard, to complete the look.   I like to include tights, they just finish off an outfit.

And that's it.  In other stuff,  I've finished my first letter to the DWP about my benefit, so that's the first stage of asking for a reconsideration.  If they still say no,  I'll have to take it to appeal.


But I'm distracting myself by working, so I'm still thinking of making something for Deja Vu. Although sometimes lots of ideas come at the same time, and I have ho idea which to go for first.  It's better than no ideas at all though!


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