Saturday, 16 July 2016

FREE02 - A free pattern for Patience.

My second free sewing pattern - I'll try to produce one a year, to say thank you to the dolly community for being so awesome.

This one is for Wilde Imagination Patience, but it also fits the Tonner Marley Wentworth body, Agnes Dreary, and the Tonner Harry Potter kids.

It can be found Here:

... on my Free Tutorials page: (Scroll right down to item 11.)

Or here's a direct link to the PDF itself:
A4 size:
U.S. Letter size:

If anyone is having trouble downloading, I can email it to you.  I'll also be attempting to put this in some of my groups on Facebook. As  it's a free pattern, please do share and enjoy.

It's a very easy little frock.   I sewed mine by hand, and  once I excluded the time it took to photograph each step, (and coffee breaks, heh) it only took me approximately an hour and a half.   So if you're good with a sewing machine or serger, you'll whizz through it.

I am not, alas.   I suck at using sewing machines.

It fastens at the back of the neck with a simple snaps, and has a pretty ruffle at the hem.   You can always just turn up a 5mm hem, if you don't want a ruffle.

It would look so cute with some bloomers or leggings.

That's it!  I'm happy to offer something free to the doll community.  Everyone has been very kind to me, I appreciate it more than I can say, so actions speak louder than words.



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