Saturday, 2 July 2016

Making bodices.

 My toiles are horribly unprofessional. I never use nice new muslin, I always use scraps of of quilters-weight fabric.   It uses up scraps, and if I use different colours for each pattern piece, I can get a better idea of how well my seams work.  Sorta.

Anyway, I've sewn the first draft of the Princess-seamed bodice.  I pin these to the doll inside out, to check for fit. If I need to tweak seams, I can adjust accordingly with pins and fabric markers.

First draft - front:

And the back:

If all looks well, I give the seams a press and pin it to the doll the right-side out:


And back... this is the best time to ensure your back closes correctly.

And because I'm me.  I put aside the princess seamed bodice, because it wasn't working with what i had in mind, and drafted a new one for my current project.


And back.  The back closure is looking a bit lumpy here, but that's fine,  I just need to smooth it down and adjust the closure a bit.

Now I need to sew it in cotton lawn, and line it.  Add a skirt.  And somne other stuff, which is a sekrit, until it's done. :)

In other news - Watching Wimbledon on my 'pooter.  The Djokovic v Querrey game OMG.   Novak is in trouble here.  I'm actually missing the first bit of the Murray game to see it, it's so exciting!


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