Friday, 12 August 2016

Three outfits listed in my Etsy shop.

I love these three.   Two for Patience, and one (my very first) for Deja Vu.

They're the outfits that resulted from my recent sewing patterns, and are now available to buy.



PATIENCE PLAYSUIT (blue & cream)

DV looks lovely in this.  I've added some embellishments, and I particularly enjoy the detachable waist trimming.  Perhaps she needs a name. I keep calling her DV though, and it's kind of stuck...

And both the Patience outfits are so CUTE.   She's especially happy with the new wig.  It's a fur wig that I purchased, and happened to have the same fur fabric in my stash, so I made little pigtails for her and attached them.

It took a lot of brushing, trimming and styling, but I think it looks fab.

And lastly, the blue outfit.  This features the Raccoon's Shell Hem, for which tere is a free tutorial. you can find this on my 'tutorials' page, at the bottom.

I've been ill for a few days now, tummy trouble, so it's nice to just sit and embellish outfits, rather than having to brain too hard.   But I have a pile of new ideas for patterns, so they'll keep coming.

A day off though, I think is in order.   With maybe some crafting or painting thrown in, and then up and at 'em on Monday.  :)   I tend to be a workaholic when it comes to the dolly stuff, so I find forcing myself to do some kind of non-dolly craft at weekends really helps with the creative flow.  It's nice to walk away sometimes, and just come back to it a couple of days later.


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