Monday, 29 August 2016

Three romper & hat sets for Patience.

I've listed the romper outfits I made whilst publishing the recent sewing pattern (SSP-039)

Here in my Etsy store:  The link will take you to the 'handmade doll fashions' section.  The links above each individual photo will take you to the sales page for that photo.

My items are listed originally in £GBP, so the prices for overseas customers vary slightly according to exchange rates - but with the pound relatively weak at the moment, you can pick them up for less these days!

I've made hats to go with all the rompers,  They're so cute on Patience. This first one is £25.

This second one I love, because the fabric is my own design, and it came out beautifully on the cotton lawn.  £25.

But the third is my favourite. Lots of sewing in the leg ruffles, but it paid off.  I do like frothy ruffles.  £30.

Next, I have plans for something gorgeous and bohemian for Evangeline.  I have a folder full of shabby chic/bohemian inspiration pictures and I was looking through is the other day - and this one outfit just jumped out at me.

It'll be lovely to sew, and will look fabulous on our Evie.


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