Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Making inchies.

I've long wanted to have a go with these.

you prepare a piece of appliqued or embroidered fabric, and then cut it into one-inch squares.

Mine aren't quite inchies, they're 3cm by 2.5cm - ies.

But the fabrics are PURPLE.  And pretty.   Did I ever mention I like purple?

Once you've cut them out, you can embellish them a bit more, with buttons, beads, some hand embroidery, and then arrange them into a little picture, or something mice like a bracelet.   Which is what I'm going to have a go at.

Each one is a lovely little work of art all on it's own.  Next - backing and beads, maybe.   There's a lot of work in these once you get to the hand sewing parts.

I'll be cross-eyed by morning!


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