Monday, 26 September 2016

Procione - my new Etsy shop.


I've been making all my pretty things for a while now, and have opened my new Etsy shop.

Shop link right here:

Besides all things dolly, I love to paint, applique and embroider, and generally am never happy unless I'm making something, thinking about making something, or having a quick coffee break before I resume the something I'm making.   So when I need a break from the dolly clothes and patterns, I make small items and paint the occasional picture.

Procione - is Italian for Raccoon, and is pronounced Protchoni.   I wanted to keep that whole Raccoon thing going, and I almost went for the French name, but as I do have Italian blood in my veins, I preferred the Italian version.

I'll be selling artwork, textile art, hair accessories,bags and pouches, and hopefully will make some gloves and scarves at some stage.  I have a plethora of ideas in my notebooks, so we'll see what happens in my brain and what ends up in the shop.

Here are some shots of my work, it's a blast making these things. It takes a fair bit of planning and problem solving to come up with ideas and designs, and I've actually learned how to sew in zips.  I've never done a zip before now.  I deserve a slap on the wrist for that, I'm sure.

New skills are always good to have.

Spectacle/sunglasses cases in reproduction vintage fabrics:

Make-up bags, jewellery  pouches, or pencil cases:

Fabric cuff bracelets of varying design:

I took a shot of my first batch, along with some of the unfinished barrettes:

And a lot of hair barrettes.  Some with French (spring) clips, and some are stick barrettes:

I used to love stick barrettes back when I had long hair.  I had far too many of them.

I've even made the sticks myself, sanded, stained, polished and buffed up to a satin sheen, they slide through the hair very nicely.

And one more for posterity, seeing as I took so many shots of these....

And that's all the visual candy.

It's pretty scary opening up a shop to sell things online, especially when it's all handmade.  But If I didn't do it, I'd have all these beautiful things lying around my room and being wasted. Anyhow, I've linked both my shops to each other, and my personal icon is still the lil' raccoon... who always looks a bit dazed and confused to me.

 But then, so am I.  ;)

Some of the time....



  1. Oh my goodness, somehow I missed that you opened a new shop on Etsy, Tess. LOVE your bracelets best of all! What meticulous work. Have favorited you. Best wishes for much success, and I LOVE the name of your shop too, I was wondering what "Procione" meant. Perfect for you!

    1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for the compliments, I'm loving making these bracelets. Glad they're liked! I haven't got many views or likes in the new shop yet, but I hope time will improve that!

      Haha, yes it had to be something Raccoon-y, and as I have a little Italian blood, it seemed appropriate.


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